Should the Chiefs Draft Michael Sam?

Brandon Kiley at Yard believes that Michael Sam could fill a leadership void on the Chiefs, if they were to select him in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

In case you have been living under a rock the last few days, Sam, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year this past season for the Missouri Tigers, revealed on Sunday that he is gay.

Kiley says that although the Chiefs have quite a few vocal leaders, and even more players that lead by example, they do not have anyone who is the heart and soul of the team. He argues that every great team has a “cause” that they are fighting for, and he believes that Sam could be that “cause”, the reason for the Chiefs to rally around one another, and fight through adversity.

Sam could become the heart and soul of a defense that so desperately needs one. Sam being the first openly gay athlete in American professional sports will be a distraction. There will be questions. There will be adversity.

And that’s exactly why the Chiefs should take him.

While I do agree with Kiley that the Chiefs have a strong management and an established head coach, qualities which will be needed by whichever club Sam ends up with, I do not feel that the Chiefs should select him simply because he will be the first openly gay player in the NFL. It would be a huge mistake for any team to select him for that reason only.

Sam should be evaluated based on his skills and performance and nothing else. If the Chiefs select him based on those reasons and because they believe he can contribute on the field, then I would be happy to see him in a Chiefs uniform.


2 Responses to Should the Chiefs Draft Michael Sam?

  1. Jeff in VA says:

    You’re right. Each team should evaluate him on his talent and I think they will. However, he is going to bring a circus of media with him probably on a greater scale than that of Tebow. It’s unfair for him, but it’s going to happen. For that reason alone, a lot of teams probably won’t give him a chance. I think there are only a few teams that can handle the media that’s going to come along with drafting him. NYJ and Pats are two of them. I hope he succeeds and wouldn’t mind him coming to the Chiefs.

  2. D.C. Chief says:

    We need a 3rd down pass rusher off the edge and he may be the answer. Now, he is a tweener that is projected in rounds 3-5. If he is available for us in the 5th, make him a Chief!!! Fyi- at my work, my best employee is a gay female and it does not effect our work environment at all. If this is a factor for a NFL team, its a shame.

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